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Welcome to welshamericanindex.com

- the website which takes pride in the lives of Welsh-Americans and aids present day Americans of Welsh extraction to find out more about their ancestors.

The main feature of the website is a searchable index of obituaries of Welsh-Americans published in various Welsh language newspapers, focussing on the 1860s - because my principal interest is in the Welsh in the Gold Rushes to North America. This will hopefully be a valuable resource for any Americans searching for information about their Welsh ancestors.

Over a thousand obituaries have been collected from various sources, including five Welsh-language newspapers and periodicals published in the USA and six newspapers published back in Wales.

The database is free to search, giving information about the deceased individual including their date of death, age and place of residence in America. Details are given of where the obituary was published, but then it's up to you to find a copy of the source.

Some examples of soldiers' obituaries can be found on the Soldiers' List page